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Chris, Toronto

@FFG Grand Championships for KeyForge

Denis, Toronto

Really nice shuffle with a pretty cool texture on the back. I have a few extras so I tried to rip one for fun. And I literally COULD NOT BREAK IT. Very impressed. I will be buying more.

Ryker Sleeves - customer stories

Smoothness is unreal

Azlan, Los Angeles

Video is true. They DO NOT BREAK!

Arthur, NYC

Really nice shuffle with a pretty cool texture on the back. I have a few extras so I tried to rip one for fun. And I literally COULD NOT BREAK IT. Very impressed. I will be buying more.

So easy to sleeve. And double sleeve!

Stephan, Overland Park KS

Good First Impressions

Kartik, Mountain View CA

I decided to try these after only ever using DragonShields Mattes. I needed to re-sleeve two standard decks of 60 so I would need 2 boxes of DragonShield at 100 sleeves each. These came with 150 sleeves so I gave them a try.

The sleeves are extremely high quality, on par with DragonShield and maybe even better
They are really easy to shuffle right out of the pack, unlike DS which needs to be broken in a bit before they shuffle smoothly
The back of the sleeve has a nice feel and grip to them.

I wish they had more colors
The sleeves are thick, so your deck will be too. Just keep this in mind since it will take up more room in your deck box.

Overall, I'm impressed so far.

Ryker Sleeves - customer stories

Solid contender for your next premium sleeve

William, North York

Ryker Sleeves - customer storiesRyker Sleeves - customer stories

Pleasantly surprised by sleeves and hidden message


I was skeptical at first so I just bought one pack to test them out. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sleeves and the hidden message under the back flap of the packaging - I got a good chuckle out of it. On to the sleeves...

The good
- Durable sleeves. No splits.
- Great feeling texture on the back. Has a premium feel.
- Quality edges that are excellent, very smooth, edges don't catch when shuffling
- Very easy to shuffle
- Very easy to sleeve

The not so good
- These might be too smooth for some. They are definitely smoother than most brands. This could be a bad thing if you don't like sleeves that shuffle or slide around easily
- The texture very distinctive. So if you prefer the non-matte sleeves, this might be too much texture for you
- The sleeves are thicker. This is both good and bad since they'll provide protection but your cards may not fit in your original box

Ryker Sleeves - customer stories

Great feeling smooth sleeve


Great overall sleeve for shuffling and card handling.

I host regular game nights and I try to keep my cards in good shape since game night is not the same without beer and snacks.

The first thing that stands out is the smoothness of the back. A few people have mentioned this already but it really is a step above everyone else. I got used to it pretty quickly. However, I can understand if others find it too smooth or slick since they do glide across the table nicely. Maybe too nicely?

The quality is very high. The edges look uniform with no discernible blemishes. The corners are also consistently cut. Also, I got 2 extra sleeves. Although I'm not sure if this was a miscount or if it's intentionally done for all packs.

The feel and thickness is another nice touch. They are slightly thinner than Dragon Shield but with more texture on the back. The back has a subtle pebbled surface that makes the card feel "certain" in your hand and nice to touch.

The durability seems solid. Very strong edges. I tried to rip one and it eventually ended up stretching/deforming but the edges held up.

Ryker Sleeves - customer stories