Size Specs

Our sleeves are designed for standard size cards that measure 63 x 88 mm, 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Our sleeves slide easily over cards and provide a secure fit. There is 1–2 mm of edge spacing on each side with a single card, giving you the option to double-sleeve or place two cards in one sleeve. 


Our sleeves are designed with 1-2 mm of edge spacing with a single card. This allows just enough room to easily double sleeve while maintaining a snug fit.

Design Specs

Crystal clear, actually. 

The front is a custom designed, smooth, glossy, polypropylene compound that passes true colors and will not dull your foils. It’s like hi-def for your cards.

The back is made with ultra-fine micro-beads which creates a textured matte surface. This design helps to create a pillow of air between your sleeves an effortless shuffle and non-slip grip.

Our Black, White and Coloured Sleeve options (coming soon) feature a fully opaque back—perfect for keeping your hand a secret during tournament play.

The Clear Sleeves’ back is transparent with a subtly frosted appearance from the textured surface—think of it as an IG filter for your sleeve.

Our Black, White and Coloured Sleeve options (coming soon) feature a fully opaque back—perfect for keeping your hand a secret during tournament play.

The Clear Sleeves’ back is transparent and, unless you’d like to give your opponent an upperhand, not recommended for tournament play.

Our sleeves are completely flexible. With a card inside, the sleeve takes on the rigidity of the card itself. 

It's like chain mail or kevlar for your cards, not clanky knight's armour.

Our sleeves are made from acid/PVC free polypropylene. This makes them archival grade and suitable for long term storage.

Top load.

They open on the short side (66 mm / 2.6"). The other three sides are closed with our durable reinforced seal.

We’re working on it! Colours coming soon: White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Stay tuned!

In the meantime though, let us know what other colors you’d like to see at hey@rykergames.com.

Game Play

You bet!

After dozens of prototypes, blind tests against competitors, and hundreds of play tests, we’re confident these are the most durable sleeves on the market.


We’re obsessed with designing a better shuffle, so we fine tuned our design for the smoothest shuffle and most durable construction to give you the sleeve you deserve.

Unless you're playing air hockey with your cards, you want some grip. 

We designed our textured matte back to let you easily stack, pass, and plop down a deck.

Most people prefer to use the matte side on the back of the card for better grip (plus, it just feels nicer!). They use the smooth side for the front of the card to allow the card’s true colors to show.

For tournaments and other competitive play, most people go with Black because the back is fully opaque. 

For board games and casual play, most go with Clear. 

Both have all the perks of the crystal clear front, durable reinforced edges and textured matte back.

Orders, Shipping & Billing

There should be a very helpful email in your inbox from us that contains your order number! 

If you don’t see it, try checking your Junk Mail (it may have ended up there!). Once we’ve shipped your order you’ll receive a second email containing your (clickable) tracking number that transports you to the website of your local shipping service. Just click the link and track your package all the way to your door.

If you have any issues with this, please reach out to us here.

Just shoot us an email at hey@rykergames.com and we’ll get everything sorted out.

Yikes! Please email hey@rykergames.com and include 2–3 clear photos of the fault and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

This is urgent! We want to help! Email us at hey@rykergames.com and we’ll get everything sorted out.

Hate mail can be forwarded to hey@rykergames.com

Seriously though, we’re all about solving problems fast! Please get in touch if something’s wrong.

Wholesale & Retail

Certainly. As a new brand, we're (vigorously!) working at evolving the many and varied arms of the business. Please email hey@rykergames.com with a little about your organization and we’ll be in touch!

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