Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Protect Sushi Go Party!

This is the most comprehensive guide to protecting your Sushi Go Party! Game, ever. In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about why it’s important to protect your cards to what sleeves work best.

We combined our learning from customer support questions, interviews, and research to answer your most important questions! In this article you’ll learn about:

  • Why you should sleeve your cards
  • The Sushi Go Party! card count
  • The range of card sizes
  • The best sleeves for protection and play
  • If your cards will fit back in the box (spoiler: if you follow this guide, they *definitely* will)
  • Additional tips and tricks

There are 3 main reasons to protect your game with card sleeves.

#1 Protect from dirt

Sushi Go Party! cards have a slight texture with a semi-gloss coating. This uneven surface is prone to picking up and retaining dirt and grease. After playing a couple of games, customers have said that they’ve felt the need to wipe the cards to disinfect and clean them.

Although the coating prevents the absorption of liquids, it only does so on the surface. The edges have exposed fibers that are highly susceptible to absorption and damage.

#2 Protection from shuffling

No matter how carefully you shuffle, there’s no guarantee that others will do the same.

Riffle shuffling causes the cards to bend, while mash shuffling causes abrasion on edges and will quickly wear down your cards. Some customers have said that they witnessed people shuffling so aggressively that kinks appeared on the edges of the cards, yikes.

Customers have also mentioned that Sushi Go Party! cards are a bit thin, and with the cards being handled intensively for the majority of the game, it just made sense to protect them.

#3 Easy shuffling

Some players have a hard time shuffling decks of cards.

This problem can be made worse when you sleeve your cards since the deck will become thicker and tackier (typically both sides are glossy), especially if you use penny sleeves.

That’s why many customers prefer sleeves with a textured matte back like these here.

They feature a micro-beaded exterior that creates a pillow of air between sleeves so they shuffle easily. Customers have even said that kids have had no problem shuffling an entire deck with Ryker sleeves.

What is the card count and sizes for Sushi Go Party?

You’ll need 181 Standard American Card sleeves (57 x 89 mm) for Sushi Go Party!

We have everything you need to sleeve your game right here.


Sushi Go Party Contents


Which sleeves do we recommend?

Use the right card sleeves
  • Use Standard American Card sleeves (57 x 89 mm)
  • Avoid Standard Size sleeves used for Magic the Gather and Pokémon. They are the most common but are too big for Sushi Go Party!
Thin or thick
  • We recommend thicker sleeves for durability
  • Strong edges for long lasting protection against shuffling
  • Textured matte back that allows for easier shuffling, especially since sleeved cards will make the deck larger

It really comes down to personal preference. Most companies sell sleeves in packs of 50 or 100. So you will need to buy 250 or 300 depending on your preferred brand.

At Ryker we’ve created custom board game kits, so you get exactly what you need, plus a few extra! There’s no guess-work, less waste, and you save money. What’s not to like?

See our Sushi Go Party! Card Sleeve Kit here.

For those with the original Sushi Go, see our Card Sleeve Kit here.

Will it fit back into the box?

Yes, as long as you use the proper sizes mentioned above.

If you use thicker sleeves, you may need to split the decks into separate piles.

What else?

What's the difference between Sushi Go! and Sushi Go Party!? 
If you have Sushi Go! the above sleeving suggestions remain, but you only need 108 sleeves (card size for those are 57.5 x 88.5 mm) instead of 181 sleeves.

Sushi Go

Sushi Go Party!

Customers have mentioned that they’ve considered tossing the insert slots for the game and just individually bagging each set instead.

Overall, given the high level of handling and shuffling involved in Sushi Go Party! it’s best for the game’s longevity to sleeve them. Now, you just need to decide which sleeves suit you best.

We hope you found this helpful!

We’d also like to thank all of our awesome customers for their feedback which made up the bulk of our research.

Tips and/or questions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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